(3 short articles on Creationism)


Great Creationism Proofs

By Yoel Natan

25 Sep 2004


     On Creationist Web sites, one can find information on:

1)      Relatively fresh, un-permineralized dinosaur bones with intact collagen and tendon attachments, and even red-blood-cell remains with protein hemoglobin, even though these bones are supposed to be 65+ million years old, [1]

2)      Un-permineralized aquatic skeletons with shimmering iridescent mother-of-pearl shells and “the original organic ligaments,” even though these skeletons are supposed to be 165 million years old, [2] and

3)      Many more proofs of a young earth and young universe.

     Though Evolutionist would like to say these “fresh” dinosaur and aquatic remains are 65 to 165 million years old, it is obvious they are only a few thousand years old. They could not have lasted 65 to 165 million years in this state of preservation even if they had been kept in a liquid-nitrogen, cryogenic state the whole while.[3]

     Another reason no land animal fossil can be over 65 million years old is that due to erosion, North America should have been whittled down to sea level within 10 million years.[4]




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The Evolution vs. Creationism Debate

By Yoel Natan

18 Oct 2004


I used to be interested in pro- and con- arguments regarding atheism, but am no longer. That is because the Creationists are locating better proofs and evidence all the time, and the viability of Evolution is what makes atheism plausible. Here is some of their evidence that clearly shows that the world is very young:


Atheists would be a rarity, but they are mass-produced in a carefully controlled laboratory environment—in public schools. There, evolutionists backed by the courts create the sterile environment. The Separation of Church and State doctrine is misused to channel all educational money to Evolutionists and away from Creationist researchers, and all pedagogical money toward teaching Evolutionism.

Even though Creationists now have all the goods on Evolutionists, they have only garnered a small following of knowledgeable Creationists. In America, most people lean toward Creationism and away from Evolutionism, but most of them are not too knowledgeable as to why. The New York Times reported:

A new Gallup poll shows that 48 percent of Americans believe in Creationism, and only 28 percent in Evolution (most of the rest are not sure or lean toward Creationism). [1]

The reason the number of knowledgeable Creationists is small is a lot of tax money has been invested in public schools and elsewhere to mass-produce Evolutionists during children’s formative years. So a lot of money would be necessary per person to deconstruct all the Evolutionist arguments they learned by rote at the behest of the courts, and then replace them with Creationist arguments. The nearly free dissemination of information on the Web has helped recently, but it is only chipping away at the Rock of Gibraltar built with tax money.




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Bottled Water and the Age of the Earth [1]

By Yoel Natan

2 Jun 2005

      Evolutionists criticize God for creating a universe with an apparent great age. They should realize that though God was not under any obligation to do so, he did create many processes that indicate the earth is young.[2] The reason God could create many “young earth clocks” is that not all processes, such as the erosion of the continents into the sea, need to occur at a slow rate in order to sustain life.

      Anyone with a bottle of drinking water has a field sample of the continental erosion rate. The labels often say there is about a hundred parts dissolved solid per million parts water. This translates into one part dissolved solid per ten thousand parts water.

      Say an area receives one meter of rain per year. Runoff no cloudier than drinking water would dissolve a layer one meter thick every ten thousand years. The continents average surface elevation above sea level is about six hundred meters, so given the above conditions, the continents would have eroded away in a mere six million years.

            Using field data from around the globe, scientists have figured out that:

A height of 150 kilometers (93 miles) of continent would have eroded in 2.5 billion years … a number of geologists … calculated that North America should have been leveled in 10 million years if erosion has continued at the average rate.[3]

      The fact that evolutionists routinely date land fossils way beyond the terminus a quo (limiting first point in time) allowed by continental erosion casts serious doubt on all their dating methods. This and much other creationist evidence shows that the state-sponsored books on evolution are valuable as geology, biology and archaeozoology textbooks—once one learns to mentally expunge the pseudo-scientific theories and mind-boggling anachronisms.




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