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Large blank unlabeled outline map of world with country or political borders:



Large blank outline world map with country or political borders. Each country
is labeled with country name and two-letter country code:

world_outline_map_country_codes_royalty_free - thumbnail.bmp


Same map as above, but divided into three parts:

North Latitudes Middle Latitudes South Latitudes


Feel free to download the maps above and adapt them for your own purposes using
Window Paint or another graphics/drawing program. For best editing results,
I suggest saving the file into the 256 Color Bitmap (bmp) format. (Only use

the compressed file-size Gif or Jpeg formats for emailing, or for posting your
creation to the Web. Keep your Bitmap version intact in case you want to re-edit.)

To use the maps for geography quizzes, mark random countries on the blank map
and ask students to write down the country names on the map. Otherwise, number
random countries (perhaps making an overhead), and then have students write down

the answers on a separate piece of paper.



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Christian and Muslim Demographics 

v  Demographic Jihad by the Numbers: Getting a Handle on the True Scope

2 June 2007 (<2MB) HTML or PDF 

v  Christian and Muslim Demographics: Facts and Maps 2 June 2007 (>8MB PDF

v  The legends used in the “Christian and Muslim Demographics: Facts and Maps” pdf (above)


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v  Tectonic Plate Subduction and Therman Expansion of Ocean Waters Explain the Flood and Ice Age, 20 Mar 2007

v  More on the Thermal Expansion of the Ocean Waters and the Flood, by Yoel Natan, April 30, 2008

v  T-Rexes, Supposed Pre-Humans, Cave Fish and Cave Salamanders Are Products of Hedgehog Signaling Gone Awry During Embryogenesis, by Yoel Natan, 2 May 2008

v  Buried Standing Mammoths Reconsidered in Light of Recent Finds, 13 Feb 2007

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General Apologetics

v  Great Creationism Proofs, 25 Sep 2004

v  E.G. White’s Misinformation About Martin Luther’s Eschatology, October 2006



v  Moon-o-theism, volumes 1 & 2 (PDF free download for limited time)

v  Wikipedia: Allah as Moon-god, Accessed Dec 2012

v  List of Murders by Islamists in the U.S. and in the U.S. Military, 21 Feb 2005

v  164 Jihad Verses in the Koran (or with more formatting)

v  Moon-o-theism book cover wallpaper for the desktop (click to enlarge, then
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v  Bogus Quotations Concerning Allah Being a Pre-Islamic Moon God, 2004

v  Whether Moon-gods Were The High-gods In South Arabian Religions, Oct 2006

v  Critique of the Revisionist View on the Sun- and Moon-gods in Southern Arabia,”

Moon-o-theism excerpt, vol 1, pages 338-359.

v  Errata and Additions to the Moon-o-theism Volumes



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v  The Jewish Trinity Sourcebook (color PDF—free download):

(or in divided into seven parts: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven)


Books and Articles in PDF format:

v  Beck. Hermann. Die religiöse Volkslitteratur der evangelischen Kirche Deutschlands in einem Abriss ihrer Geschichte. Gotha: Friedrich Andreas Perthes, 1891, 313-page pdf, 14 MB.

v  Budge, Ernest A. The History of Esarhaddon (Son of Sennacherib), King of Assyria, BC 681-668, Trubner & Co, Ludgate Hill, London, 1880, 167-page (low-resolution PDF: 12 MB; high resolution PDF that’s searchable: 122MB, related, related).

v Book of Concord (PDF), aka, Concordia Triglotta (PDF): Full Title: Concordia Triglotta: The Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church/Die Symbolischen Bücher der Evangèlish-Lutherischen Kirche, Editors: Friedrich Bente, William Herman Theodore Dau, 1559 pages (all PDFs scanned at 300dpi):

      Entire book (English/German/Latin – OCR’d/searchable (104 MB); entire book but images only, i.e., not OCR’d/not rasterized/not searchable (34MB)

      English-only versions: Part I – Bente’s Historical Introduction (21 MB) and Part II: right-hand pages of Book of Concord (30 MB);

      Augsburg Confession only (11MB); Formula of Concord only (7 MB); Luther’s Catechism only (5MB)

German/Latin-only version: Part II – left-hand pages of Book of Concord (34 MB)

v Burk, Philipp David. Burk's Rechtfertigung und Versicherung: in geordnetem Auszuge, 1854, Ernst Kern (Editor), Stuttgart: J.F. Steinkopf, 1854, 199-page (600 dpi) pdf: 102 MB.

v Davies, Richard N. Doctrine of the Trinity: The Biblical Evidence, Hunt & Eaton, NY, 1891 (234-page, 7.1MB, related) Note: Pages 227-234 is a discussion on the Majestic Plural. Davies says the Hebrews knew of no Majestic Plural usage though he says the grammarian Gesenius and “most of the Germans” teach that the Hebrews did (p. 227, middle). This suggests that in 1891, the English world generally did not teach the Majestic Plural as fact, but only higher critical scholars in Germany did.

v Grotius, Hugo. A defence of the Catholic faith concerning the satisfaction of Christ against Faustus Socinus (PDF). Translated by Frank Hugh Foster. English translation of: Defensio fidei catholicae de satisfactione Christi (1617). Publisher: W. F. Draper (1889).

v  Jack, J. W. "Contributions and Comments: Cushan-Rishathaim," The Expository Times, Editor: James Hastings, 1924, vol. 35, pp. 426-428. Abstract: Mitanni King Tushratta is Cushan-Rishathaim of Judges 03 (3-page, 1MB PDF, related, related).

v  Hengstenberg, Ernst Wilhelm. Christology of the Old Testament: And a Commentary on the Messianic Predictions (4-volumes translated from German). Clark’s Foreign Theological Library, v. 1 (1868 AD), v. 2 (1861 AD) v. 3 (1858) v. 4 (1858), full-feature PDFs v1  v2  v3  v4. At Google Book Search: v1  v2  v3  v4.

v  Hengstenberg, Ernst Wilhelm. The Revelation of St John: Expounded for Those who Search the Scriptures (2-volumes translated from German). Clark’s Foreign Theological Library, v. 1 (1851 AD), v. 2 (1852 AD). Full-feature PDFs v1 & v2. At Google Book Search: v1 & v2.

v Hutton, J. E. A History of the Moravian Church, 2nd Edition, London (1909).

v  Maspero, G. (Gaston 1846-1916). The Passing of Empires: 850 BC to 330 BC. (Vol. 3 of Maspero’s 3-volume Histoire ancienne des peuples de l'Orient, pages xii + 824), Editor A. H. Sayce, Translator M. L. McClure, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK), London, D. Appleton & Co, New York, 1900. The PDF only has 140 pages scanned, that being the front-matter (pages i-x), Chapter 4: The Power of Assyria at its Zenith: Esarhaddon and Assur-bani-pal (Assurbanipal) (pages 323-443), and the Index (pages 815-824) (lower resolution PDF 16MB; higher resolution PDF that’s searchable: 23MB, related, related).

v  Niebuhr, Carl. The Tell El Amarna Period: The Relations of Egypt and Western Asia in the Fifteenth Century BC According to the Tell El Amarna Tablets. Translated by J. Hutchison. David Nutt, London, 1903, 62 pages. Original German: Die Amarna-Zeit. Ägypten und Vorderasien umd 1400 v. Chr. nach dem Tontafelfunde von El-Amarna (30-page PDF, 2.3MB, related, related)

v  Ollier, Edmund. Cassell’s Illustrated Universal History. Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co, London, 1885. PDF 61MB, or see Google Book Search).

v  Origen, Matthew Commentary, Book XV, Chapter 14, Nov 2007

v  Origen on Zecharias, Son of Berekiah, plus Excerpts of Origen’s Commentary on Matthew 23:29-36 Machine Translated into English from German, Jan 2008.

v  Petrie, William Matthew Flinders. Syria and Egypt: From the Tell el Amarna Letters, Charles Scribner’s & Sons, New York, 1898 (187-page, 15.7MB PDF, related, related, related).

v  Schodde, George H. (Editor). The Error of Modern Missouri: Its Inception, Development and Refutation. Lutheran Book Concern, Columbus, Ohio, 1897.

v  Walker, John. “A New Type of South Arabian Coinage,” The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of The Numismatic Society, 1937, volume 17 (XVII), series 5 (V), pp. 260-279 + plate 33 (XXXIII), PDF (20-page, 1.6MB PDF).



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